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A Heartwarming Visit After a Long Hiatus

December 7, 2023

“The fragrance always remains in the hand that gives the rose.” —Heda Bejar

The long wait finally came to an end! In September, we took a day trip to visit one of our favourite children’s homes. Meena aunty and the littles ones at Jeevarathni have always welcomed us Little More Love members with open arms. Until 2019, we were frequent visitors to the loving cove in Hosur. But unfortunately, due to the pandemic and other logistics issues, we Bangaloreans were unable to hop across the border for a long while. And finally, we made it happen!

Group interaction session at Jeevarathni courtyard

As soon as we made it to the premises, we were only sure of one thing – silly games and serious fun would ensure. And, that’s exactly what happened. We can’t seem to remember the minutae of those hilarious moments. But as we look back on the day, one thing is certain…the infectuous laughter of the little ones echoed through the courtyard and the spirited atmosphere was palpable. Here’s what our volunteers had to say about the day:

“It was a lovely experience to meet the kids at Jeevarathni and spend a day playing games and getting know them and Meena aunty. Jeevarathni is a beautiful place for the kids to make their childhood memories. Hearing about the story behind Jeevarathni showed how much we can help society when motivated by love.”

–Hannah Ivy, LML volunteer

It was a humbling experience to spend a day with the kids and Meena aunty at Jeevarathni. It’s quite amazing to see them thrive, inspite of their circumstances. A reminder that we all can shift to a perspective of gratitude and do a lot more to give back.

–Prarthana Bhat, LML volunteer

As the sun started beaming heavily, we made our way to the lunch room. Not only did we feel rejuvenated, but we understood what the power of community really is. Simply sharing a meal is enough to tug at the strings of kindness in our hearts.

As the day came to an end and it was time for us to head back to the city. As always, we gave the children their goodie bags , which of course, they were super-excited about. Little do they know that we left with much more than what we came with – hearts full and minds refreshed!

LML Volunteers Group Photo at Jeevarathni

If you’d like to join our laughter therapy sessions, please join us here. We don’t know what shenanigans we’ll be upto next, but we assure you it’ll be weekend well-spent!

“Kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound together.” —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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