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Love will always be massive vulnerability. When we close up and protect too much, we endup with nothing”


In February, we visited the Kidwai Kanpur ward and met the beautiful ones that we have fallen head first in love with from the very beginning. We’ve seen God move and make miracles out of the darkest patches of their lives. Days with them are beautiful and rare- to see so many brave souls in one room, ready to live their life in joy and freedom.

We also had the opportunity to visit the patients at the palliative ward at Kidwai hospital and to serve by cleaning a part of the ward. It gives us all sorts of hope to see how far they’ve  come.  


One thing we always wish to remind each of these with our actions and also YOU today is that, even when other the people around you don’t say it, know it is true – you matter and you always will. You’re needed. This space that you’re standing in would not be the same without you in it. You have impact which runs deeper than you know. We know it’s not easy but keep walking forward. We are right here beside you.


“Cynicism is easy.. Hope takes bravery”

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