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Hula Hoop Jam 2 – Pune

December 2, 2016

“ Laughter, song and dance create emotional connections, they remind us of one thing that truly matters when we are searching for comfort, celebration, inspiration or healing – we are not alone”


“Have you ever hooped before ? Do your kids love dancing?  Is your job stressing you that you haven’t had time to breathe?  What are your dreams? Even the ones you don’t think will happen.”

These are few of the many questions that people pass around to one another during a hoop session. These are the circles where we meet the coolest strangers we now know, where we look ridiculous and slapstick happy without a care in the world for that moment and we let out every anxiety, every frustration and just release an air of freedom and joy that’s been missing  for a few months.


It’s powerful what something as small as a hula hoop can do for lifting people’s spirits and uniting people together.


People often ask, What is a Hula hoop jam? And honestly no matter how hard we try , our best response still is, “Just come and see”.


But one of our favorite things about it is the moment you step into a jam, you become a part of something so much more than a Wednesday or Thursday night at another organization.
When you step into a Hula hoop jam you’ve become a part of a movement, a movement that’s striving to be more relevant than we’ve ever been and is filled with powerful, transformative moments of love.


So here’s a peak at our hoola moments in Pune on 13th September, 2016


And stay tuned, for more hoola moments  this year is going to be like none other with us lavishing more love and joy  than we’ve ever done And we’re hoping you will too.


We lose ourselves in the things we love, we find ourselves there too”

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