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“The sweetest growth is when we grow in love”

We are six months in of 2017! Time has whizzed by so fast and we are so grateful for what an adventure June was for Little More Love.

On 18th June 2017, we went to Shishu Bhavan and washed clothes and dishes for the home and the following Monday on 26th June 2017, we visited Little sisters of the Poor and played housie and sang to our favourite seniors.


We love our visits and each time we leave these places, feeling full and blessed and oh so very joyful. One of our biggest takeaways in this month is the realization there are people who need you to show up for them and there are words that need to be said.

And we are all qualified. Even if life breaks your heart, you are qualified. You’re still qualified to stand in the darkness of other people. You are qualified to show up for people in need.


Have the courage to let people in. Your brokenness doesn’t make you weaker, quite the opposite, brokenness will make you stronger.

So thankful for this gift of meeting people who show us how to be brave and strong and who relentlessly hold on to hope.

Let love knock out all your fear, clear out the darkness and allow you to see the people who need you today”

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