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Feliz Navidad 2016

December 30, 2016

“Be filled with wonder, be touched with peace”

Christmas – the most wonderful time of the year! As beautiful and merry as this season is to some people, there’s also a quiet trace of loss and a need to hold each other tighter this time of year. There’s a desperation in people’s voices for a Savior, something bigger than the gifts and the parties.


This year, we really wanted to make those who are missing the joy of Christmas reappear and be more real than ever. Love is a gift; and also a give.

Our festive spirit started in Bangalore, from carol singing at Swanthana , Infant Jesus home for children and at Liza’s home, where we danced and sang with these beautiful ones and had such a merry and joy filled time. In Nireekshana, a school for mentally and physically challenged children, we had the blessed opportunity to be part of the joy that the season spreads.


We were also so grateful to go door to door singing in the houses of families and strangers and just instill a sense of hope and celebration that this season provides us. Truly our joy and wonder was awakened as we sang in every home and were touched so deeply.


In Pune, we were given the amazing opportunity to sing again at Menchies, our favorite frozen yogurt place. This time not just in one but two locations, Balewadi and Koregaon Park.


In KP, we joined with Tiny Monkey stage, The Global Shapers community and The Bodi Project to celebrate the hope and joy of this season in the streets in Pune.

We had such a marvelous time with the kids and adults singing the glory of Christmas and the gift from heaven given unto us all.


The blessed bunch we are, we got to sing in The French Window Patisserie, Koregaon Park as well.


This quaint and lovely bakery not only lifted our spirits up with the smell of coffee and gooey decadent chocolate cake but the people there were such a delight to spread the holiday cheer too. We had the best time singing, dancing and cheering on every person we encountered in this beautiful place.

This year we were blessed to start a Little More Love chapter in Kerala.


And so we ended our carols in Kerala, singing in colonies where the not so well to do live and orphanages- the Poor Boys Home and Aswasa Bhava, Kottayam .

There are no words to express what a truly great experience it has been. Everyone deserves to have hope and love and we are grateful for the chance we had to share in a moment to make these lovely people shine and rejoice this Christmas.


There’s so much more to come..

Wishing you a deep and meaningful Christmas!


“Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles. Notice them.”

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