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Sing for Kashmir

November 5, 2016

50 bridges were reported to have been damaged across the state. The preliminary assessment of damages to property was estimated between INR 5000 cr to INR 6000 cr. . . . . . . 257 people had been killed and more than 1.1 million were affected by the floods.

The Kashmir floods left our nation and Her people devastated – in terms of life, property, and hope. In this time of need, it was overwhelming to witness various groups and individuals contributing towards providing relief to the victims. We decided to lend a hand and do our bit to restore the Jewel of India to its former glory.

Little More Love and Urban ADDA organised Sing for Kashmir on 17th September 2014 to raise funds for Kashmir flood relief.

Sing for Kashmir

The event was a phenomenal success that witnessed a crowd high on energy and with the spirit of giving! The evening was filled with music, thanks to Lutenent Miso from Mount Carmel College, Susan Anne Isaac, D’s Kitchen and others who performed at the event. We are so grateful to you all and to Urban ADDA  for sharing being a part of this fund-raiser.

Sing For Kashmir

We had a  wonderful time; what made it even more special was that we lent a helping hand to our brothers and sisters in Kashmir.

Kindness is not a phenomenon. It is not an occurence. Kindness is a state of being – of one’s mind, heart and very soul.

– Anonymous

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