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The Beautiful Ones – October 2016

December 4, 2016

“Beautiful young people are an accident of nature , but beautiful old people are a work of art. Caring never grows old”

On 21st August, Little More Love went to the Little Sisters of the Poor Old Age Home.


Little Sisters of the Poor is a place where elderly people are given a shelter by creating a sense of family spirit and love among all its residents.

Every year, the home organizes a fete for these beautiful people and it’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work for this amazing day. From organizing food, games, to packing the gifts, they pay attention to every tiny detail to make this day a pleasure for all who come and we, volunteers, had the privilege of not just helping them through it,  but also being a part of this incredible day.

On 9th October, the big day finally arrived and what a tremendous success it was!


This year we were in charge of two games stall  and the entire time with these wonderful folks was such a blessed and memorable time. The most charming, joy filled and spirit soaring people you will meet.


From dancing till their knees ached (but still not quitting), to singing with their hearts, to being delighted to play every game and eating to their hearts and belly’s content, each and everyone who came had such a fantastic and merry filled time. They always teach us young ones a thing or two about loving and living life wholeheartedly and  fearlessly.

We’ll try not  saying too much, let the pictures do all the talking…


Together we bring the good, the kind and the brave at heart to the forefront of this world we live in. Thankful that we get be around people who inspire us and live with grace and love.


We were so blessed to have been here a second time around and can’t wait for more to come with these gorgeous bunch of people.


“It will be our love, not our opinions which will be our greatest contribution to the world”

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