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Coloring and Games at the Cancer Hospital – August 2017

September 26, 2017

” People need you. Be Brave” 


On August 20th, 2017, we organized games, music and sketching activities for the kids at Kidwai Kapur ward, Bangalore.


These kids are always full of life, joy and bubbling with energy despite the painful circumstances they are dealing with. We had the opportunity to displace pain and grief with  tangible symbols of love and healing. These wonderful kids need it oh so badly. They need to experience our love right now. They need to know we see them and it is our honor to champion them through it all.


They are currently facing challenges that require huge amounts of hope, determination, and faith and to be able to dispel the darkness through moments and time filled with laughter, joy, and hope in abundance is such a tremendous blessing to us. We believe in what we do and believe that through the support of others who help us we can continue to make big and marked differences in these precious ones’ lives.


We would so appreciate  your kind support and prayers to help these beautiful children and their families through their time in the Hospital.


Do join us in showering them with love!


“It’s beautiful to be a light to someone else. But light is only powerful because it has known the darkness before it”

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