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The Joy of Giving – Schoolbags in August 2017 – Open Hands

August 31, 2017

Love comes down to actions, not words”

Over the past couple of months, we have been working on trying to identify needs across the city and find ways to step in to help. Through the Open Hands project, we have been able to watch people experience the joy that comes with giving, as many stepped forward with a desire to serve.

In the month of August, Little More Love collected over 35 schoolbags in Bangalore, for the amazing children at Jeevarathni Foundation.

In Kochi, the team collected clothes and were able to donate them to the Abhaya Center, a home that takes care of around 400 destitutes from across India. Most of them are mentally unstable, either due to their circumstances or some trauma that they have faced. Many of them are brought in from the streets as they have nowhere else to go. Unfortunately, due to minimal funding from the government, the living situation in these kinds of places is rough, but the people who run the place keep going with faith.

It is in these spaces that we want to step in and serve. We want to ask you today to reach out – to give as you are lead, and make a difference in the lives of many.

A big THANK YOU to you folks who donated so generously, and to those who helped spread the word.


Keep stepping out into the world and giving it everything you have. I don t know you all that well but I have hunch you’ll do just fine”

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