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Gift a Pint 3.0

November 5, 2016

The big 3.0! That’s right! Our blood donation drive, Gift A Pint was a huge success in its third year running. And we have you to thank for it!

Little More Love, Zav Foundation and the BMSCE Rotaract Club organised Gift A Pint 3.0, a blood donation drive, on April 19, 2015. A beautiful sunny Sunday, enthusiastic smiles and an energetic crowd – that’s the recipe for a great event.

Little More Love

Despite a few scheduling issues (an unexpected ‘Bandh’. Ugh!), the donor turnout was pretty great! We were thrilled to see new faces, and were ecsatic to meet old friends who came all the way to Rasthrotthana Yogic Centre to help save lives.

Little More Love

We cannot place enough importance on the selfless act of donating blood. Every pint of blood that is donated can be used to save the lives of three people. Each person has the ability to make a difference to three lives. And all that in less than a few hours! Blood donation is the need of the hour, especially considering the demand-supply disparity – there are only 40 lakh units of blood available, while the national demand stands at about 4 crore units. However, small acts can make a difference. A little bit at a time paves way for great impact. It is this philisophy that came to life at Gift A Pint 3.0.

Little More Love

In order to create lasting impact with respect to blood donation, Little More Love presents to you the Blood Donor Network Project. This network of dedicated blood donors was established with the sole purpose of creating a database of people who would like to donate blood to those in need, typically in case of emergencies. It has been more than a year since the Network was created, and the member numbers just keep growing! If you require blood for an emergency, or would like to be a part of the Network, contact us at +91 9886675654. Although we are currently limiting our Network’s services to Bangalore and Pune, India, we would love it if donors from other cities and states would sign up; only then can we extend the Network’s impact to reach people across territories.

Little More Love

When you give blood, you give another birthday, another anniversary, another day at the beach, another night under the stars, another talk with a friend, another laugh, another hug, another chance.

– American Red Cross

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