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The Bow-nies Bake Sale

November 5, 2016

Bakes and bow-wows! Our two favourite things came together in an incredible fund-raiser that we aptly named The Bow-Nies Bake Sale. It was the perfect sunny Saturday for some delicious brownies, great company and an act of kindness.

Little More Love

The Bownies Bake Sale was held at Rangoli Arts Centre, MG Road, Bangalore on June 20, 2015 in aid of Charlie’s Animal Rescue centre (CARE). CARE is an animal shelter located in Jakkur, Bangalore (India) and it takes care of strays, and injured animals. The rescue centre currently houses over 90 dogs, 10 cats and a few other animals. CARE suffered heavy damages due to the recent rains that hit Bangalore; the roofs of the Post Operation unit, Puppy unit and Maggie the adorable pig’s room flew away due to the winds and rains. What’s more, the walls collapsed, leaving 8 critically ill dogs, 12 pups and one pig drenched and helpless! These babies had no choice but to be housed in cramped conditions until the repairs to the centre were complete. So we decided to help them out by raising funds for the repairs.

Little More Love

The day began with a small prayer and of course, the customary group picture! Soon, armed with cupcakes, brownies and smiles, we took to the streets.
Little More Love
It was incredible meeting people who were so generous and giving; almost everyone we met bought at least one of the baked goodies!
Little More Love
We also sold LML merchandise – our very own branded shirts and writsbands! Check out our members all happy in their personal ‘Kindness’ tee.
Little More Love
Due to the efforts of several individuals and groups who opened their hearts to the poor animals, CARE was able to rebuild the three dilapidated units into stronger structures with tiles for enhanced hygiene, extended roofs to protect the shelter dogs and a brand new home for Maggie! We are so grateful to The Sugar Therapy , The Big ‘O’ BakesOm Nom Cupcake, Pooja Tayal and The Voice of Stray Dogs for all their help and support. Also, we’d like to give a big shout-out to all those who contributed in any way possible; remember, it is the seemingly small acts that come together to make a huge change.
Little More Love
The soul is the same in all living creatures although the body of each is different.
– Hippocrates

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