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Gift a Pint 4.0 & 5.0

November 5, 2016

“If we really want to lend a hand, lend an arm”


We organized our 4th and 5th blood drive with Rotary Club, Indiranagar and KIDWAI Hospital at Sampurna Montfort College, on 12th December 2015 and 2nd May 2016 respectively.

Who would have thought we’d make it to your fifth one so soon!


One of the most heartwarming things we always realize in a blood drive is we GET to serve.

It’s not an obligation, nor a discipline, it’s a complete release when you realize true service  is a privilege given to you and decision made by you, not a command dictated to you.

And organizing these blood drives were just that –  A blessed opportunity and privilege to serve Rotary Blood bank and the  patients of KIDWAI hospital.


Over 70 units of blood were donated. We are truly grateful for all the people who linked arms with us and donated to fuel our vision.

One can’t stress enough the need of the hour in donating blood. Blood can’t be produced synthetically it can only come from donors and over 44,000 donations are needed each day to meet transfusion needs.


It’s  time for us to fill the gap and meet this vital and transforming need and this is what Gift a Pint is rooted on.

With every unit of blood donated you’re part of our mission to be a catalyst for change.


Special Thanks to the Sugar Therapy, Fairy Frosting, FlatZmart and all our sponsors for all their help and support.

Thanks to them, all who came enjoyed free goodies, live music and much more.


oin us in this movement.

Give more than just blood. Give Life.


” We go beyond ourselves because every life matters 

Keep your eyes open for that someone everyday” 

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