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Gift a Pint 6.0 – Blood donation drive

March 8, 2017

“In this world, there is an overwhelming amount of need. But you are impactful. You can make a difference”


There’s a running argument about donating blood these days. That awareness isn’t enough, that it’s cost is too high and people are apathetic towards blood donation, that for a movement of mostly poor college students not much change or response will come.


Well if you were there on 20th February 2017 at Sampurna Montfort College this notion would have been dissipated instantly.

On this bright Monday morning Little More love, Lions Club and Bowring & Lady Curzon Hospital organized Gift a pint 6.0  and the donor turnout was a sight to behold!


Over 52 units of blood were donated by a crowd of people who set out time to intentionally and selflessly come to donate, save and transform lives together.


All in all it was a day to be celebrated.  To see so many people around this city coming forward in the selfless act of donating blood, was an assuring reminder that we are a powerful generation that have the power to create a change on every front.


Blood donation is the dire need of the hour, there are only 40 lakh units of blood available, while the national demand stands at about 4 crore units. Every piece is integral to saving lives and if you’re are willing to donate there are things you too can do, because what is a movement if it’s not backed by action.


True awareness leads to greater understanding, and greater understanding allows us to take steps towards change. And this took to life at Gift a pint 6.0


Saving as many lives as we can in this lifetime is an honor, it unifies us and it’s something to be proud of. We praying for every life to be changed by this giving.  It was such blessing to be surrounded by so many beautiful and generous individuals who came forward to make a difference.


We cannot be more thankful for this opportunity.


“Impact doesn’t come from what you are going to do. Impact only comes through what you have done”


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