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Lifeline – Kidwai Hospital

April 3, 2017

“There is purpose in the pain. Our wounds are meant to be made available as sources of healing”


On 18th March 2017, Little More Love visited the Kidwai Kapur ward in Bangalore.

We were able to meet around 30 strong and incredible kids suffering from cancer.


This experience was bittersweet and overwhelming. Hearing their stories and all they’ve been through tore us up. These kids have seen more adversity than we may ever see in a lifetime, yet they operate with so much joy. They are such lights and we are so blessed to have been able to pay a visit to these angels and spend time with them.


They are powerful examples to never lose heart. Keep moving. Keep hoping. Keep trusting. Keep loving.

Just one day with them was truly transforming to each one of us and we pray that we would continue to have soft hearts and open hands – eager to give, eager to change.


We can always find purpose in showing up for other people.We wish to be ones who loves them fiercely, lavishly and relentlessly and is with them along this journey, no matter how long or how difficult.


These beautiful souls require your time, support, care, and especially your love and prayers.

Would you like to help? Would you like to join us? Would you like to contribute? Reach us!


“I used to think I was doing love wrong because I kept getting my heart broken. Now I realize this is the whole point, love breaks us open”

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