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Gift a Pint – Blood Donation Drive

November 5, 2016

Don’t we just love receiving gifts? Imagine a gift box being delivered to your doorstep! We at LML would be delighted; there would be some squeals and screams, and maybe a few tears of joy because we have a flair for the dramatic. Now imagine that you are in desperate need of a new sweater, or a pair of sunglasses to help you beat the heat. And before you know it, someone just gifts it to you! How would you feel? Surprised, elated, euphorious, and as if your wish has been granted? How happy would you then be if someone were to give you the gift of life, or better yet, if you could give someone the gift of life?

Every year, our nation requires about 4 crore units of blood, but only 40 lakh units are available. Now, all you Economics gurus would immediately recognize the demand-supply disparity of this situation. In order to meet this demand for blood, Little More Love organized its first ever blood donation drive, Gift A Pint, in 2013, and the second edition Gift A Pint 2.0 earlier this year.


Gift A Pint 2013 was conducted in partnership with the ZAV Foundation at the Rashtrothana Fitness Centre, Jayanagar, Bangalore on 6th April, 2013. Thanks to all you enthusiastic donors, we received 95 units of blood. Gift A Pint 2.0 was again held in the same venue, a year later. This time, we partnered with ZAV Foundation, Ra-mose and the BMSCE Rotaract club. The cherry on top of this ‘bloody’ cake was that 191 pints of blood were donated! And that’s not all. 34 pledges were made to donate organs towards the Gift Your Organ Foundation!


To raise awareness about Gift A Pint 2.0, a bunch of us conducted and participated in a flash mob at BMS College of Engineering. And boy, was that something! You HAVE to check out the pictures on our Facebook page to see what we mean.

LML Flash Mob

Of course, we would soon organize the next edition of Gift A Pint. And this time, we need more donors. We want to close the gap between the number of units of blood needed and the number available. And although our steps may be small, with your help we are oh-so-sure that every person in need of blood will never be turned away due to the lack of it!

By donating blood, you are gifting someone that which is most precious; you are giving them a second chance; you are giving them the gift of life.  

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