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Feliz Navidad

November 5, 2016

Christmas season is our favorite time of the year. And yours too, we hope. This season has something magical about it.  Christmas is about spreading love, joy and happiness. Gifts, wishes, wine and those Christmassy-wintery-hugs!

‘Tis the season of giving, Christmas! Keeping this in mind and heart, Little More Love aimed to do what we do best – spread happiness through little acts of kindness and love. And lo, Feliz Navidad 2012 was born! LML members went around to houses and apartments singing Christmas carols, and the residents generously donated towards a cause. And what was this cause you ask? Jnana Mandira, an orphanage for young girls, was in dire need of funds to support themselves. Around INR 40,000 was raised by LML members and donated to Jnana Mandira. This was possible only because of the wish, yours and ours, to spread a little bit of the Christmas cheer that we all adore, to those who are not blessed enough to enjoy it every year.


The excitement over the success of this event led to the continuation of the Christmas carols fest in the form of Feliz Navidad 2013. This time, we aimed at spreading the Christmas message to a lot more people. So, in addition to residences, we went caroling to organizations such as Tell Labs, Amazon and Columbia Asia Hospital. This time, we collected around INR 25,000, which was donated to Nirmala Shishu Bhavan.

You may think that we do this without receiving anything in return. You couldn’t be more wrong! Aside from the delicious plum cake, the divine home-made wines and the occasional biriyani, we are addicted to that unexplained feeling that comes with having done something good. Honestly, we think that gives us a kick! The smiles and laughter, the hugs and warmth of the families that graciously let us parade into their homes and of course, the peace and joy that accompanies helping out those in need, is what drives us to do what we do.

This year, 2014, Feliz Navidad will return. If you want to help us out, be sure to visit our Contact Us page and reach us. You will find us outside your homes, complete with a weird-looking Santa, a guitar and woolens, singing our hearts out! And you will join us. Because you love Christmas just as much as we do!


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