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Sing with me?

November 5, 2016

Music is a form of expression – whatever your emotion, music gives it body and soul and wings

– Little More Love

You know you love our quotes!

Little More Love organized a random jam session at BMSCE on 4th December, 2013. Well, the main purpose was to light up people’s day through music because, after all, who doesn’t like to sing? But opportunity to turn this event into a contribution for a greater cause came in the form of an amazing collaboration with the Gift Your Organ Foundation! And we were so thrilled that we got to be a part of this.


Through our jam session, we raised awareness for the Gift Your Organ foundation and Volunteer for a Better India (VFABI). However, the greatest outcome was that we raised funds for Mr. Murugan, a security guard who needed kidney and liver transplant.


December 4th was an amazing day for us. And we’re sure that all of you who participated had a great time too! We will organize another jam session soon, so gear up with your vocal chords and your favorite tunes!


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