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So much joy with The Beautiful Ones in Bangalore

October 31, 2017

“The best present you can give those you love is to be present”


October 2017 was busy month for Little More Love and how we loved it!

From having reading activities at Shishu Mandir to playing games at Shishu Bhavan and Sneha care, our Saturdays were full of joy, joy and did we say….. JOY!

It was our very first visit to Sneha care, a home for HIV infected children and we had a sweet, memorable time engaging with these firecrackers. These kids are a force to be reckoned with and in spite of all their harsh circumstances, they continue to be source of positivity, hope and joy to those around them.


We want to show them that they aren’t defined by their medical history, but the future they choose for themselves. Every second spent with these precious children is an experience we cherish and long for more than words can express. We are left in awe at their joy, their exuberance and their ability to relentlessly hope and they leave us with full hearts.

Bright lights – that what’s they are and we are so grateful to bask in their shining lights. They are valuable, precious and loved and so are you. Don’t forget this! It might be easy to say, it might be hard to believe; but you truly are.


“Lift others up. Love others well”

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