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The Gift of Giving – Clothes, Toys & Bags in July – Open Hands

August 10, 2017

“Keep stepping out in the word and giving it everything you have”


On 8th July 2017 and 16th July 2017, Little More Love donated clothes,  toys and bags to the Lions Hope Home , a home  which helps children who have been abandoned, orphaned or affected by poverty and societal violence.

It was a tremendous joy to gift these beautiful ones things they needed and desired.


We are so thankful to the kind strangers who bless them with exactly what they wish for and we look forward to going above and beyond in the months to come and meeting their needs in all the ways we can.  One thing we keep learning from Open Hands is you have to keep showing up for things if you ever want to see them grow.

We’re working this month to collect or buy new bags for children who are in need of them; and we want to invite you to be a part of this journey of giving. If you want to contribute in anyway, do get in touch.

May you work hard, fight harder and love the hardest”

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