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Music, games, humble acts of service & so much more at old age homes and orphanages; what a month! The Beautiful Ones – July 2017

August 22, 2017

“Love, when you allow yourself to get close enough to it, will not resemble fear”


July was a month of so many sweet moments and memories to cherish.

We encountered so many beautiful souls who have left  an impact like never before. From visiting Lions Hope home, Nireekshana and Shishu Bhavan in Bangalore to St Catherine’s home and Little Sisters of the Poor in Bombay we met wonderful old  men and women and young children that captivated our hearts in these cities.


This month was a reminder to stay soft – to stay soft regardless – to stay soft in spite of. All of these beautiful souls have gone through the toughest of times and the driest of days, yet they are gentle , strong and resilient and have an air of invitation around them.


We hope and desire that our  heart will always be  soft; that we are forgiving,  fluent in the art of loving fiercely and radically, that we  master  bottomless-giving and selflessness.


If we want to tell you anything it would be this: be the one who shows up first. Believe in someone the loudest. Stand clapping in the front row. Send the text, buy the gift, drive the miles,  meet the stranger.


It’s the closest we’ll get to displaying the love we’ve experienced so well.


Thankful for a month that brought joy and love in abundance and can’t wait the for what the next month holds in our encounters with more amazing people.


Return to kindness 

It’s not something we do, it’s someone we become

Act like you’re made of it and you will be

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