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Volunteering in August 2017 – The Beautiful Ones

August 31, 2017

“And then I realized that to be more alive I had to less afraid, so I did. I lost my fear and gained my whole life”


August was the season of soulful songs and jubilant joy in Bangalore! On 6th August 2017, Little More Love visited the Holy Spirit old age home, to do what we love to do, sing tunes and play games with these incredible people.


We also had the blessed privilege of serving at The Choir of the Loaves and Fish concert at Holy Spirit old the home led by the amazing Pervin Verma to celebrate India 70th Independence Day through songs of freedom.


The choir, comprising of a music ensemble of senior citizens all aged above 70 years, has been performing for 5 years and constantly moves every person present to tears. Their ability to create music together, of discovering new hope, of expressing fresh joy and indescribable love through the gift of song is so marvelous to watch.


Even through tough times and heartbreaking losses, these incredible men and women always bring new life, energy, and strength and there is so much fun and laughter in the room when they lift up their voices. To to be around them infuses us with a renewed spirit and vision to love fiercely with no limits or reservations.


Their hearts inspired us and we couldn’t be more thankful to walk alongside them towards loving people fiercely.
Grateful to spend our Independence day walking alongside these marvelous ones who come forward daily to spread sunshine, warmth, and joy.

Thankful for their presence, their delight, and praise in the freedom we share.

We truly can’t wait to continue being a part of spending time and sharing the joy of song with them in many many many more moments to come.


“Love knows no age, no race no demographic or class. Love is love.”


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