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Unsung Heroes – Bhaskar (II)

May 12, 2014

Remember Bhaskar, the energetic and friendly traffic policeman from Bangalore’s Suranjan Das Road? Earlier today, we decided to drop by his posting and visit him; we had something special in store for him!

We spotted him and saw that he was awfully busy, and wondered how we were going to pry him away. To our surprise, he ran up to us as soon as he saw us. Before we could speak, he said to us:

“You won’t believe how many people come to me everyday, telling  me about your Facebook post. Sometimes, someone comes with a printout of what you put on Facebook. Thank you so much. So many people are appreciating. The public is so nice.” 

We said to him, “The public has a gift for you. Mr. Kapil and his friends pooled in for this. Open it”, and we handed him an envelope.

On opening the envelope, he was shocked to find two tickets to the upcoming IPL match on Tuesday! He just could not stop smiling and neither could we! He kept thanking everyone and said that he will definitely go for the match. He ran his eyes upon the tickets and noticed the prices, to which he said that he does not deserve such a great gift. We agree; we told him that everyone think he deserves much more and that this is a small token of the public’s appreciation.

So here is a huge THANK YOU to each and every one out there who took time to acknowledge Bhaskar and made him feel appreciated and loved; our heartfelt gratitude to Phebega Pericho ofUnited Arms Charitable Trust (U-Act) for all the help and support, and a special shout-out to Mr. Kapil and his friends for the generous gift. You all have helped us make our first Unsung Hero happy beyond comprehension! Thank you once again for helping us spread a little more love in your own little way.

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