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Unsung Heroes – Bhaskar

April 25, 2014

Is it hard to be kind? Not at all! All it takes is a courteous smile, a small gesture or a few kind words to make someone’s day. There are several such kind-hearted people all around us who indulge in such acts, just to spread a little joy to those around them. Most often, we take them for granted. But as the saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished.

There is a hero in all of us. The fact, however, is that more often than not, we fail to recognize this. A hero isn’t made by laurels and accolades. A hero is made by the little acts of love and kindness that he or she performs. These people don’t crave for attention or recognition. All they want is to make the world a better place to live in.

But these heroes deserve their stories to be told. They deserve to be rewarded for their deeds.

Little More Love brings to you Unsung Heroes.


As our first Unsung Hero, we have Bhaskar.

Bhaskar, 25, hails from a small village in Mysore, and joined Bangalore’s Traffic Police force five years ago. He works on all 7 days of the week, 12 hours each day. Three years ago, he was posted on Suranjan Das Road to man the traffic there. Usually, traffic cops are posted in one location for a short duration and are then posted elsewhere. But the people who frequent this area sent several mails requesting that he be retained at Suranjan Das Road itself. So what is it that makes the public want his presence so fervently?

At a glance, it seemed like Bhaskar does nothing out of the ordinary. But on walking up to him, we witnessed something amazing – people in buses, auto-rickshaw drivers and all those passing by would wave out and say hi to him! Moreover, there was not a moment when he was not smiling! We also saw him walking up to a man and his dog, striking a conversation with him while playing with the dog.


We decided to take him out for a little treat – ice cream! As it turns out, even the ice cream shop vendor and the people seated there knew him, and smiled at him. There was definitely something about this man, and we were about to find out soon.

On speaking to him about his good work and his respectful nature to everyone, Bhaskar said “I am not a good person. I’m only doing my duty. God, above, is watching me. If I don’t do my duty, how will I answer Him? If I’m not kind to His people, how will I answer Him?” We were humbled by his response, and then we asked him if he liked his work and were bowled over by what he said – “There is no ‘small’ work. Everyone has to work and everyone has to work hard. If you work from here (points to his heart), then you will love your work. That is why I enjoy my work. I get to talk to so many friendly people every day.”

We continued our conversation and we discovered that Bhaskar follows IPL and is a fan of RCB! Also, he loves Sachin Tendulkar!

As we were leaving the ice cream parlor, two women on a bike stopped near us and said to Bhaskar, “We came to meet you, but you weren’t at your post. Finally, we found you here.”

So there you go – a peek into the heart and mind of our first Unsung Hero, Bhaskar. We hope that his story touched your hearts the way it touched ours.


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