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Unsung Heroes – Nisa

August 11, 2015

Lewis Carroll once said all that is worth doing is what we do to others. Well, we had the privilege and pleasure of making the acquaintance of an inspiring person who is the very embodiment of this statement.

Meet Nisa, Pune’s very own unsung hero.

Little More Love

Not once is the last three years has Nisa, 41, missed visiting her little friends at the Koregaon Park in Pune. With eight kilos of rice and chicken, and countless number of milk packets and biscuits in hand, she trots the streets of Koregaon Park every evening, filling the stomachs of every stray in need. She is the dogs’ very own guardian angel and she is their voice; a quite loud voice, we might add!

Whether they are bruised, hurt or just plain hungry, Nisa is always at their beck and call. They’ve come to her skinny, without fur, injured, and broken, and she’s nursed them all back to health. From daily vet trips to finding them loving homes, she considers it her calling to go the extra mile for these adorable furry creatures. Her huge heart and passion for making these dogs feel loved and needed is a brilliant sight to witness.

Little More Love

Recently, Nisa was compelled to leave her paying job because of a back problem; her father has a weak heart and her mother suffers from dementia. Despite all these troubles, she always gives glory to God and calls herself blessed. She gets by with the little help she receives from a few helpful hands and feeds about 30 of these four-legged beauties night after night, come rain or storm! She hopes that someday, she will be able to afford help to take care of them. She also does whatever she can to help any person in need.

Little More Love

Nisa’s dedication and her drive to look after the less fortunate when she herself has pittance in her name has truly humbled us. We at Little More Love salute her efforts and have decided to help in whatever way possible. We invite people from near and far to contribute towards Nisa’s heroic efforts by way of small donations or by volunteering to lend a hand in taking care of the dogs.

Please contact us at +91 99886675654 or if you wish to contribute or volunteer a few precious hours to help Nisa and her pack of adorable furry babies. Remember, saving one dog might not change the world but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.

Little More Love

I said somebody should do something about that; then I realized I am that somebody.

– Lily Tomlin

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