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We’re making protein powder for children with cancer – Lifeline – June 2017

July 18, 2017

“Stand up. Take chances. Love deeply”


This June 2017, Little More Love gathered together to make protein powder for children with cancer who don’t have the means to afford medical care and support.

In the past few  months of spending time with these beautiful fiesty ones we knew we wanted to do so much more to brighten up  their day. This  is just a small beginning step but we are so excited to where it is leading us. We came together and made four bottles of protein powder and we intend to do much more.



The  best things in life don’t happen overnight. They require commitment, tending, working, the ability not to expect perfect results. The best things comes from an overflow of love and compassion, and making this was such a deep learning and personal experience for us.

Growth in our culture is measured by numbers and metrics. But we think the sweeter growth happens when our character expands, or our capacity grows.

The sweetest growth is when we grow in love  and we grow to a point where we can can handle more things flying our way.

So this is us, reminding you to keep working and showing up, wherever you are.

Good stuff happens when we show up . Good stuff happens beneath the soil where no one see  the work you put in and love you give.

It matters. It counts.

We’d love for you to involved in this journey with us

If you’re interested in helping these beautiful ones financially or otherwise,  do reach out to us.




“Pour your passion and soul into the life you want to lead” 

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