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Collecting newspapers, disinfectants and food items for a school this October 2019

October 13, 2019
Collecting newspapers

“Generosity must be fearless because to give freely is a mighty vulnerable thing.”

We believe that is powerful joy that comes with generosity. As part of the Open Hands project, this month of October 2019, we are collecting newspapers and disinfectants, and raising funds to buy rice and eggs for SMF Nireekshana, a school for differently abled children.

Nireekshana children

SMF Nireekshana takes care of over 50 children with disabilities, and provides them with education, along with offering support for their medical and other day to day needs. It is a haven for these children, where they receive tremendous love and care.

We invite you to join us as we celebrate the spirit of giving by helping us collect the items mentioned below, or by contributing to enable us to purchase the items.

singing songs for differently abled children

Details of the items we are collecting

  1. Newspapers (collecting)
  2. Disinfectants such as Dettol, Harpic, etc. (collecting and buying)
  3. Rice (only buying)
  4. Eggs (only buying)

How can you donate?

If you have items to donate, please fill up the form below and we will get in touch with you about the drop-off location. If pick-up can be arranged for, we will let you know but it may not be possible for all locations. If you would like to contribute financially, please contact us on +91 9886675654 or +91 9513315683.

You can donate financially to enable us to buy more items, and to cover expenses of pick-up, drop-off, etc. If you would like to donate, head over to our donation page by clicking here, or contact us at +91 9886675654

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Freely you have received, freely give

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