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We distributed clothes in slum communities last month

September 17, 2019
clothes distribution drive in Bangalore

Love is sloppy, messy, enduring. But they’re going to know us by our love.”

Our team adventured into the weekends in June & July with open hearts and hands to uplift those in need.

Around 1000 clothes were donated and 12 sheets of tarpaulin were distributed to families that lived in slums to protect them from this rainy, cold season in Bangalore. 

We had the incredible privilege to team up with Ariel Child Ministry to serve one of these slum communities as well. 

We love every opportunity we get to serve and help the people in our city  and our hope is we continue to love each other to the best of our abilities as we work together  to bring hope where we are.

distributing clothes in slums in Bangalore

We can’t thank you enough for your sense of love and community through your generosity. 

Love has the power to change the hardest of circumstances. Everyday is an opportunity to put love on and share it.

This drive was just a reminder that we can’t stop and there’s so many needs to be met if we just look beyond ourselves. There’s still lots to do and so many people to reach and a great reminder that we can’t stop.

clothes donation drive in Bangalore

Our desire for this coming month is that we will be empowered to go where we need to go, to see what we need to see and to  speak the words that others need to hear.

The time collecting and distributing things in need is always challenging, reinvigorating and encouraging. Consider joining us? 

distribution of clothes

” Set the world on fire with all the quiet and  beautiful things you do.”

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