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Distributing blankets on the streets – January 2018

March 6, 2018

“Love will do whatever it takes to multiply itself”


January was quite a chilly month in  Bangalore and Mumbai. Thanks to your  generosity, we were able to give over 200 blankets in Mumbai and Bangalore and share the warmth  to those living in the streets in Mumbai and at St Martha’s hospital, Bangalore.

We love the unbridled joy on all those faces who received the blankets this season and it just reminded us that loving people involves loving those right in front of us.


We can make the world better by participating, because we can take the focus off  ourselves for once and put it on other people. It is all too easy to sink into our normal everyday routine and complete a thousand tasks solely devoted to our own advantage. But to take the shift from ourselves  and put it on all those around us, well that’s a challenge, one that we are trying  to take on more.

Sometimes, you are left feeling like you don’t have much to give but we promise you, every little bit counts. We are so excited for all that this year has to offer us. Your continuous love and support is enabling us to keep reaching out to more people and reach higher together.

A life full of extravagant love, fierce courage and unshakeable trust, that is what we seek. Join us, will you?



“Quit waiting for a plan…Just go love everybody”

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