How 2018 began for us with The Beautiful Ones

February 19, 2018

“Don’t doubt the impact your small acts can have in a dark and crazy world. This world desperately needs them. Keep showing up and keep pressing”


January 1st is one of our favorite days of the year. It probably seems silly but there’s something beautiful about everyone looking back on the year past and thinking forward to a new year.

This year we have no resolutions. We just want to continue love people better, pray harder and be kinder. We served at Shishu Mandir, a school and Shishu Bhavan, a home for children with physical and mental disabilities, in January and we had the best of times letting love rule.


At Shishu Mandir, we got to spend our day raising up little leaders who mean so much to us. Fiercely proud of these beautiful ones, for their desire to learn and grow and chase their big God sized dreams.

We loved serving  at Shishu Bhavan, cleaning & washing vessels and doing laundry. This place always serves as a reminder to us that every small act of love matters.


We are so encouraged by people who bring us back to what is important, what really matters and we can’t wait for all that’s in store for this year. 2018, bring on the magic!

Praying this year is a year of more for each one of you – more love, more community, more celebrating, more prayer, more purpose, more moments. Praying for a  braver , kinder and more present you.



“Love fiercely, love always,

  Love others, love you

  Love first”

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