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Lifeline in April 2017 – Medical camps & Volunteering

May 5, 2017

“Finding love is not about posturing but about softening.  This is why they say love hurts because when we soften to love, we feel it all”


April began by celebrating World Health Day in Bangalore and Bombay.

We had the privilege of volunteering at St Martha’s hospital, Bangalore and sponsoring a medical camp for the children in Bombay.

We were able to serve and provide medicines for over 100 children living in the slums of Bombay, suffering from severe malnutrition and hygiene.

There are more people in sickness and disease today, in 2017,
than any other point or period in history.

And it is vital that we be in this together to raise awareness and reach out to those in need because people were never born to be statistics, they were born to get the shot that we have right here, right now. The small steps matter. We urge you to live deliberately and share the things that break your heart.

Be a listening ear. Be open arms. We’re all needed.

We are so incredibly blessed to be able to provide for needs thanks to your generosity. Persevering and soaking up in gratitude today and every day.


You cannot save a person from darkness but you can show up, light a candle and stand there faithfully”

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