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Baking Smiles with The Sugar Therapy at Jeevarathni

May 14, 2017

“The world needs to know how loved they are, and we need to be the ones who tell them. More than ever, our world needs a little more love”


April, a month of sweet moments and memories in more ways than one for Little More Love. We had the amazing opportunity to organize another baking workshop with Diya Jojan, the amazingly talented desert queen for the beautiful kids at Jeevarathni in Bangalore. These divinely gooey, creamy, chocolates that she taught the children to make were not only simple and easy to make but SO GOOD and we ended up polishing everything made within minutes.


Thanks to Diya Jojan, all the children (okay we admit it, even us) had chocolate covered faces by the end of the workshop and smiles from end to end. Full tummies, fuller hearts.

Of course we didn’t just stuff ourselves (as much as we could have, all day), we also had our rounds of crazy games and music with our precious ones. Froom hula hooping, to cartwheels, to pushups, these kids give you a crazy fun workout and know how to spread the room with pure joy and laughter.


While in Bangalore we had baking, Bombay had a whole lot of singing and games at  St Anthony’s Old age home, Bandra. We love celebrating these amazing elderly women who have such spunk and light and times flies oh so quickly when you’re around them. Spending time with them you learn what it is to not let your hurdles be a place you hide from, but how to jump them.

Their faith fills them and it’s a humbling and blessed experience to be amongst such captivating women. They live life open-handed and that is truly an art form in itself.

Believing we capture that today and every day, to not go through life clutching every little thing, but live open-handed and wholeheartedly.


Praising God for a month of joy, laughter and delight abundance.

Can’t wait to see what happens next.


“Love is the only thing that holds and it must call us deeper than what we thought we were capable of giving”


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