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The Beautiful Ones – Music & Games at Little Sisters of the Poor

April 5, 2017

“One of the greatest gifts we can give people is to tell them how they look when they stand in the light of love”


On 11th March 2017, Little More Love went to the Little Sisters of the Poor old age home and we got to sing, play games and permeate the home with joy, laughter and a whole lot of love and fun.

Spending time with these beautiful souls are always a reminder what a simple act of compassion holds. They light up when they sing music, they brighten up when they share their amazing stories and the joy and laughter that invades the room when we play games is super infectious.


The more time you spend with them, the more they teach us that we are all capable of opening our eyes and seeing something different, something more beautiful than what we saw yesterday. They are feisty and joyful and you learn so much about thankfulness and courage from them.


Hoping we will always have a face that people feel welcomed by. Hoping we will always have a heart that knows how to love and celebrate people abundantly.


March was a month of sweet moments and powerful experiences. And we are filled with anticipation for what the next month holds.


“We aren’t called to do everything, we are called to do something- and that’s the thing that right in front of us”

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