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The Beautiful Ones – February 2017

March 7, 2017

“Courage is a love that starts to see obstacles as advantages”


In February, Little More Love was lucky enough to spend their day with the beautiful ones at Nireekshana, a center for mentally challenged children. A home where they envision every special child to be educated, self- dependent and provides them with education, comfort and the gift of being a family.


It was a day filled with wide smiles and laughter, a bit of singing and whole lot of cricket – or dare we say us losing in cricket.

These lovely, spirited, energetic kids captivates us with their genuine spirit and heart to love freely.


The one thing we’ve learnt being with these amazing children  is there are so many ways of saying I love you and I care and if we take time to, we can love in the language that delights their heart and demonstrates how much we care.

Spending time with them goes a long way and is a treasured experience which we cherish. It costs so little but the fruits are immense and the joy runneth over.


We also had the blessed opportunity to serve at the Little Sisters of the Poor old age home in Bangalore, by doing our bit of gardening.


Never stop believing in love and joy and friendship and kindness and a genuine spirit.  Never stop investing in people. It’s the only way we make much of the places we go and people we meet. When we create these things in the world, we will begin to create the world we imagine around us.

We can’t wait to visit these places soon and and receive the love they give so freely and lavishly.


Let’s be the kind of people that make others feel special. Let’s be known for our kindness and grace”

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