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The Beautiful Ones – January 2017

February 9, 2017

“People are something you live for, you work for and you sacrifice for. There’s nothing as beautiful as them”

 We kick started the month of January with Volunteer Week, an open invitation to all willing and servant hearts in Bangalore to go to different orphanages, schools and hospitals during the week and meet the needs and wants arising from each of these places.


From spending time with children in hospitals to teaching the disabled to sharing quality time with the elderly, each place unleashed a new sense of joy and hope and uplifted every heart that had the privilege to be present. Every opportunity we got to share love with others was such a tremendous blessing.


And we also got the honor to serve and love at Shishu Bhavan yet again.

As mentioned before, Shishu Bhavan is a place which houses abandoned mentally and physically challenged children,  it is a place that brings an overflow in our hearts.


From washing dishes and clothes to cleaning the floors, to feeding the children and spending time with them, there is so much to do here and we are always eager and expectant for what awaits us.

A day here, where we live outside of ourselves, truly teaches gratefulness and humility and gives us the urge to never stop what we wish to do: love people fiercely.


The one thing we keep learning daily is how amazing sacrificial love is and if there’s anything January has taught us, it is that we become better humans by releasing our pride, our ego, the thing that tells us “this isn’t cool enough work.” It is then that we can finally get over ourselves and do good.

Big things are happening in 2017 and we can’t wait for you to come alongside and share in this adventure with us.


“Give your hands to serve faithfully and your hearts to love fiercely”


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