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These Fighters at the Cancer Hospital – Lifeline May 2017

June 9, 2017

“Fear has an expiration date. Love is untameable”


On 7th May 2017, we had the joy of visiting these brave and courageous kids from Kidwai Kapur ward, Bangalore. All these beautiful ones are dealing with cancer. They are actively fighting it every single day. Figuring it out, learning about it, coping and fighting.

Cancer is part of their story but no way is it the whole story. They are not their illness – it does not define them or possess them.


Every moment with them is precious and unforgettable and they teach us more about joy and strength than anyone else we’ve ever encountered.

The one thing we thing we want these brave beauties to know, even if they don’t fully believe it yet, is that they are not alone.


Working on this project has also lead to new opportunities to serve these children in various ways. In the following months, we are going to be preparing protein powder for these little ones, especially for families that cannot afford it. We invite you to be a part of this journey and do hope you will join us.


Here’s to hope. Here’s to being brave and speaking up. Here’s to a new morning and rooting for each other.


“The hardest thing you will ever do is choose love in the face of pain. But love is the only way home”

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