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The Gift of Giving – Open Hands in May 2017

June 8, 2017

“Extravagant love always finds a way to multiply itself”



A word that holds so much weight because it is an action of selflessness. This action is a reflex to some and to others we practice being intentional. No matter how you choose to give to those around you, the action is there, either by kind words, or filling a desperate need to whomever is the recipient. We’re so happy to see this coming together and see more and more needs being met every month.

This month, we were able to gift a computer to the Balajothi Centre for the disabled in Bangalore, a centre which serves the disabled and underprivileged, by providing rehabilitation, education and vocational training to persons with all forms of physical and mental disabilities. This was possible thanks to the generous giving of Arun Joseph, who wished to have his computer utilized to educate children.


In Kerala, we were able to go to tribal colony in the Moozhiyar forest range and donate clothes to the impoverished and vulnerable communities and families as well go to the Poor boys home in Kottayam, an orphanage to donate clothes to over 30 children residing there.


All thank to your generosity for Open Hands!

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt in May is  we need to quit holding on to our love waiting to find our purpose, just give it away freely and purpose will find you.

A new month awaits. Can’t wait to continue to take action and give freely.

If you’d like to be part of this, do contact us.


“Less words, More Love”

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