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Visit to People For Animals

November 5, 2016

Little More Love goes wild!

You read right! On April 25, 2014, we visited People For Animals (PFA) in Sunkalpalya, Bangalore, for a training session of Basic First Aid for Animals and a workshop on wildlife conservation

PFA is a non-profit organisation that works towards rescuing and rehabilitating urban wildlife. We were given a warm welcome by the manager, Mr. Kiran. After a briefing on the kind of work that the organisation is involved in, we were shown the primate socialization cages. Here, we witnessed the amazingly complex socialization patterns of our gregarious evolutionary ancestors.

As we familiarized ourselves with the place, we were amazed by the variety of creatures that are taken care of at PFA – from owls, kites and ducks to snakes and cows! Soon after, we were taken to the pet cemetery. PFA is the first in India to create a cemetery for our beloved pets. We were immensely touched by some of the epitaphs; the entire area was a visual reminder that the bond between animal and man is a unique and beautiful love affair.

The training and workshop gave us an insight into how we can provide aid and try to rescue injured animals and birds. We felt that receiving such information is vital, since Bangalore sees several cases of injured animals and dehydrated birds. The primary motive behind the visit was to establish an Animal Network – a well-connected group of people who can be contacted whenever an animal or bird is found injured or in need of help. We are currently fine tuning this network!

Mr. Kiran informed us that PFA is in need of funds and volunteers. So all you animal lovers out there, it is time to show a little more love to this wonderful organisation and the beautiful blessings of Nature that they rescue and rehabilitate! Please visit their website (link provided above) and do like their Facebook Page – People For Animals – PFA Bangalore.

(Pictures courtesy – Mia, Muffin, Duke, Sir Nicholas Van Astro, Max, Daine, Sir Lambsalot, Toby, Fudge, Fluffy, Toto, Pebbles, BamBam and their humans Chandhrica, Anvitha, Gloria, Aamash, Mykel, Joel, Brigitte, Sarita, Roshan, Chahana, Deepa, Soumya, Sandhya and Swapna)

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