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Serving in little ways in February 2019

March 2, 2019

“People are something you live for, you work for and you sacrifice for. There’s nothing as beautiful as them”

We kick started the month of January and February by serving at Shishu Bhavan in Bangalore.

Shishu Bhavan is an orphanage that takes care of children who have been abandoned by their parents. Most of these children are either mentally challenged or physically handicapped. We have been visiting this beautiful home since our inception in 2014, and truly, it has been a privilege and blessing to  serve these beautiful children.

From washing dishes and clothes to sweeping the floors, dusting the window panes to feeding the children and spending time with them, there is so much to do here and we are always eager and expectant for what awaits us.

A day spent here, where we live outside of ourselves, truly teaches us humility and gratefulness, and gives us the urge to never stop what we wish to do:  love people fiercely.

Sometimes it’s monotonous work sure, but there’s no greater joy  we have found equal to the joy of serving others, to be able to reach out in any way we can, to show up, to be the gentle reminder that they  are not alone in the struggle, to be  in the moment with them. 

Our volunteer Annie, said it best: “Though they can’t talk, they can’t express themselves, they’re happy in their own simple way.  And in that state, we can be there for each of them”

volunteering in orphanages in bangalore

Thankful that we get to stand together in this work and cultivate love that pushes boundaries and send love to those known and unknown to us.

Big things are happening in 2019 and we can’t wait for you and to come alongside us and share in this adventure with us. 

May we always learn to put the interests of others at the center of our decisions.

volunteering in Bangalore

“Give your hands to serve faithfully and your hearts to love fiercely.”

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