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Serving through humble acts and puppet shows – The Beautiful Ones in May 2017

June 7, 2017

When the world feels crazy, that’s your cue to keep loving people like crazy


What a terrific month it has been! In May, we had the honour of going to Shishu Bhavan, Bangalore , an orphanage that takes care of children who have been abandoned by their parents.

From spending time with these beautiful children who are mentally or physically handicapped, to washing clothes and cleaning vessels, there’s such a big need in this place and it’s our joy to be able to serve them in all the ways we can.


We were also blessed to organize a puppet and magic show in Kerala for a  government run girls home.

Girls in need of care and protection live in this home and times have been tough for them. Some days are lonely, bleak and full of despair and just to get out of bed and survive the day can be so very hard.

We had the privilege to stand by them and let them know that they are not alone. That they are loved, cared for and deeply treasured. That we are so thankful that they do get up, put their two feet on the ground and face the day with strength, perseverance and hope.

Thanks to Mr Jebu, the puppet master, the day was full of joy and peals of laughter enveloped the room. The girls had a spectacular time learning new tricks but was also taught messages of love and compassion throughout the show.


We are so grateful that in the things we do, from cleaning vessels to washing clothes to listening to children and playing with them, in moments that seem so small and ordinary, the extraordinary happens. Things shift and these tiny moments make the greatest impact far beyond our wildest imagination could perceive.

Thanking God for a fruitful and joyful May, full of moments of laughter, hope and love.


“It won’t be our message that wows people, it will be our love”

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